Saturday, 1 July 2017

Election of UNISON Presidential team 23/06/17

The first meeting of the newly elected UNISON NEC for 2017-2019 took place last Friday at the close of national delegate conference in Brighton. It came against the backdrop of a great General election result where the Tories lost their majority and Labour gained seats on the back of a great anti-austerity manifesto.

The first meeting of the new NEC voted for the new Presidential team.
The broad left UNISONAction slate made a strong showing in the recent UNISON NEC elections and indicated members want a change in our union.
Following the passing away of President Eric Roberts last year and given the fact that Carol Sewell (Vice President) lost her seat in the recent NEC elections there were 2 vacancies. Margaret McKee, Vice President moved up unopposed to President.
The balance on the new NEC is 31 ‘Stronger Unison’ who stood under this banner and are supporters of the Dave Prentis leadership, 29 UNISONAction (the broad left) who want a change of direction in the union and 7 ‘independents’ (not standing on either slate). On this occasion the independents present voted with Stronger Unison.
So the outcome was the 2 new Vice Presidents are Gordon McKay and Josie Bird who both got 36 votes and 28 votes each for Paul Gilroy and Diana Leach. I voted for Paul and Diana. Congratulations to those elected.
UNISONAction will continue to argue in a fraternal way for more openness, accountability and democracy on the NEC.