Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I was pleased to be one of the speakers this evening in Manchester at the emergency rally called by Stop the War calling for Israel to stop its attacks on Gaza.

One of the other speakers noted that practically every trade union in Britain supports the Palestinians cause as Trade Unionists recognise injustice when they see it.  The disregard shown by the Israeli military for the humanity of the Palestinian people and the lack of concern shown by the leaders of the Western powers challenge all trade unionists to respond.

UNISON has issued a statement today
- Which also pins the escalation of violence on the illegal occupations by Israel of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and refusal to enter into any meaningful talks on the creation of a Palestinian state.  

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Stop the War coalition  have organised a national protest this Saturday 19th July – assemble Downing St. 12 noon.
It would be great to see as many trade union banners as possible at the demo this Saturday.

Elementary internationalism calls for an immediate end to Israel's military assault on Gaza and an immediate end to the blockade and siege on Gaza.
We should also be demanding this of our elected politicians.

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