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NEC - 4th June 2014

NEC 4th June 2014 - This was the last full NEC meeting before National Delegate Conference June 17th -20th 2014.
Cliff Williams, Assistant General Secretary was welcomed back after a long illness as was fellow NEC member Polly Smith after a short but serious illness. Condolences were given regarding those who had passed away since the last meeting including Bill Berry from the North West Region.
No emergency motions had been received to National Delegate Conference (NDC) in Brighton but we agreed a statement against the racist UKIP party and agreed to launch a targeted campaign against them. It was agreed to invite Theresa Griffin MEP to NDC who had recently defeated the abhorrent Nick Griffin of the Nazi BNP in the European elections.
UNISON had recently won a legal victory following being sued in connection with an Israeli speaker being invited by a branch which was then rescinded following checks on his background.
A new TV advert has recently been launched to assist recruitment and retention as part of the ‘Worth it’ campaign.
Dave Prentis in his General Secretary’s report stated that UKIP were a racist, anti public service party there for the wealthy not our people.
I asked that leaflets be sent to branches in good time before the Saturday October 18th ‘Britain needs a pay rise demonstration’ – this could be a very important demonstration with several live disputes ongoing.
We heard that the Local Government pay ballot ends 23rd June 2014. I asked that Industrial action in relation to pay be co-ordinated rather than sectors/service group having to fight on their own.
UNISON Health members would be balloted in August. Details would be finalised at the forthcoming Service Group Executive.
The Meat Hygiene sector may take action in the main BBQ season – August.
All UNISON members of whatever sector and service group were urged to go onto the UNISON website and send a message to their local councillor asking for support for the pay campaign and to keep up pressure over the summer quiet period. The current plan was for 2 consecutive strike days in September if there was no movement from the employers.  
It was stated that the Local Government Association will become Labour controlled from September which might provide more of a response from the employers.  
The Higher Education section of UNISON has accepted an improved offer after 3 days strike.

Coordinated strikes - One of the national officers reported that there would be “punctuated strikes with different sectors, sections out on a rolling programme of action” instead of the coordinated united action we had previously spoken of. There was strong opposition to this as it was felt people felt stronger and remembered the feeling on
November 30th 2011 during the pensions dispute of being all together.

The Doncaster Care UK workers continue their fight and the NEC again offered support to them, to Barnet Local Government UNISON (who have just had a 100% yes to strike vote in similar massive cuts to pay) and anyone else currently in dispute. This includes Unison members at Lambeth college who are joining UCU members on strike.

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